Quality Assurance

Our Certifications

Placing great value on high standards, our facility and management systems gained certifications from trusted local and international bodies.

Prepress Processing

Color Matters.

Great care is taken into accurately recreating the design and colors required for the template customers provide us. After checking that colors and designs match the design documents, we utilize our cutting edge printing and cutting equipment to produce the first batch of samples. Initial samples are made and sent to customers for confirmation.

  • File Transfering

  • Computer To Plate Technology

  • Ink Color Making

Custom Offset Printing & Digital Printing

No Defects. No Flaws. No Deletion.

Heidelberg multi-color offset printing machines (2C, 4C, 6C Sheet-fed)

Using zinc plates to transfer images onto a rubber blanket that rolls into the paper material, offset printing is a standard process for high-volume printing tasks with our Heidelberg printing equipment.

With offset printing, we create up to 3 million printed materials a month while maintaining amazing image quality and accurate colors.

Fuji Xerox high-speed digital printing machines (2C, 4C Sheet-fed) )

When working with smaller or low-quantity batches, we work with our high-powered digital printers. Requiring less setup, digital printers use liquid ink or powder toner to transfer the design on the material.

Digital printing usually results in more affordable detailed prints that can have variable information on them, like unique serial numbers or QR codes.

Postpress Process: Neat & Complete.

Once the printing process is complete, the printed material is cut into size using automated precision cutting tools. Covers are surface-treated for added protection and aesthetics, then bound using a variety of tools to complete the product.

  • Folding

    Options include three-fold, double fold, pericardium fold and turn overfold.

    • 6 sets * MBO automatic folding machines in German
  • Binding

    Options and formats, such as hardcover, softcover, perfect binding, saddle stitch, wire-o, spiral-o, comb, loose-leaf and hand-assembly.

    • 1 set * Martini saddle stitch machine in Switzerland
    • 1 set * Martini perfect binding machine in Switzerland
    • 2 sets * Martini sewing machine in Switzerland
    • 1 set * Martini three-knife trimmer in Switzerland
  • Finishing

    Techniques include spot varnishing, sheet lamination, foil-edge gilding, embossing and debossing.

    • 2 sets * Automatic laminating machines
    • 2 sets * Foil stamping machine
Finished Printing

Packed By Auto Machine,Checked By Skilled Staff

After automated packaging lines' processing, several rounds of quality control inspections are conducted to ensure consistency of the end product.

  • V notching machine
  • Automatic die-cutting and creasing machine
  • Automated packaging production line
  • Automatic laminating machine
  • The automatic paper mounting machine
  • High-speed color box gluing production line

Meet Your Expectation, Act With Our Perfection & Precision

Besides cut-to-size paper, soy-based ink, and other eco-friendly raw materials, SHPP 's inspectors check the sample, match the color, and pick out the printed products with defects, scratches or flaws.

  • Color Matching

  • Environment Controlling

  • Weigh Counting

  • Visual Inspection

Eco-Friendly Printing

SHPP commits to producing high-quality printed material while caring for the environment. We do this by taking great effort in selecting eco-friendly materials and equipment, controlling the internal temperature on workshops during production, and maintaining safe working conditions before, during, and after production.

Drive Your Brand & Business With Custom Printed Products

Committed to the best-in-class printing technique and highly-favored factory price echoing together to enlighten your brand.

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