Custom Photo Book Printing

Offers more than just storage for physical prints, it also lets you add a personalized touch that appeals to a wide range of your target consumer groups.


  • Sizes: .8.5″ x 11″ or 9” x 12” or other options
  • Paper options: gloss/matte light-weight coated paper, two-sided coated art paper, C2S cardboard, uncoated white/ cream woodfree paper, recycled paper
  • Binding options: saddle stitching, comb binding, wire-o binding, spiral binding, perfect binding
  • Finishing options: die cutting, laminating, foil stamping, edge staining
  • Flexible printing options within your budget
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Unique Printed Work Makes Your Book Marketable

Even in the era of digital pictures, physical photos are highly valuable in the market. Photo books are a great way for people to store, organize, and highlight their pictures.

With SHPP custom book printing service, you can tap into the physical photos market and increase customer referrals to your business. With a wide range of photo books included, our catalog for your reference can help you immediately find one that can immediately satisfy market demands.

Get More Profitable Through Branding Photo Book

Photo books are gaining popularity among social media and mobile phone users who want to preserve photos from their digital albums onto the real world.

  • We value your feedback on the different aspects of your custom books such as text readability and color accuracy. In conjunction with our QC process, we guarantee your orders meet your expectations.

  • With our sample, you get a hands-on preview of your custom printing merchandise. The sample lets you determine if the design requires additional changes before proceeding to mass production.

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Voices From Our Clients

  • My company was looking for anyone who can make our photo books with a unique page layout and large sleeves. Our core audiences are families who want to store pictures with varying sizes. I am fortunate to encounter SHPP who can manufacture our target photo book thanks to their extensive customization options.

    Angela Jensen, Procurement Manager, Publisher

Drive Your Brand & Business With Custom Printed Products

Committed to the best-in-class printing technique and highly-favored factory price echoing together to enlighten your brand.

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