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Cater To All Industries That Need Packaging

Made from eco-friendly materials, our packaging boxes are designed for quick folding and guaranteed protection of your products during shipping. Producing up to 1.5 million monthly, our team uses advanced machines and printing techniques to meet your specifications. All professions and trades can draw wider audiences with the striking designs of our customized packaging. Through the latest offset and digital printing technologies, our production team consistently preserves every detail of your chosen design to maximize marketing success.

  • Food

  • Cosmetics

  • Electronics

  • Garments

  • Hardware

  • Manufacturing

Custom Packaging Box Options

  • Shapes

    Whether in the round, domed or rectangular boxes, our packaging can hold any product securely while marketing your brand for higher customer returns.

  • Sizes

    Adjusting our printing and production to your specified size results in precisely-shaped boxes to secure your products easily.

  • Styles

    Instantly transmit your brand’s message with a trending packaging style, be it a multicolored or embossed logo design, gaining wider markets.

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Why Customize Your Printed Marketing Materials In SHPP

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    Free Printing Proofs

    Check a sample of our packaging design flexibility and quality printing free of charge.

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    Competitive Price

    Using materials from trusted suppliers, we print products at 20% lower than our peers.

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    On-Time Delivery

    Through our short-run production, we produce packaging boxes that are shipped within your deadlines.

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    Skilled Printed Expert

    Using precise printers, our skilled talents consistently creates eye-catching and long-lasting boxes

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    Quality Assurance

    We follow international standards and industry procedures to ensure that all boxes are in top shape.

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    Low MOQ

    Fill your inventory with our custom packaging boxes at a low MOQ of 1000 units for reduced costs.

You Design It, We Print It

  • Service From A to Z

    To reduce any hassles, we offer samples and technical support, along with customer service available within 24 hours for your requests.

    Producing up to 1.5 million monthly, our team has full experience in serving various clients. We know how to provides flexible while multiple customization options that bring more to your brand without costing too much.

  • Certification-Based Printing Quality

    To reduce costs and production time, we rely on long-trusted suppliers that consistently provide eco-friendly materials. We test incoming materials for their durability and printing compatibility.

    Every 15 minutes, our inspectors identify defects and ensure that all finished packaging materials have been tested for their durability.

Drive Your Brand & Business With Custom Printed Products

Committed to the best-in-class printing technique and highly-favored factory price echoing together to enlighten your brand.

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